Residential Lease Agreement

** This is ONLY a copy of the Lease Agreement. No photocopies will be accepted. **
You will recieve an original signed copy at time of leasing.

(This is a binding legal document - read before signing)

This agreement made this _____day of ____________ is between R.A. INVESTMENT PROPERTIES (management) and ______________________ (hereafter called resident). Management leases to resident, and resident rents from management, the residential unit located at ________________________, under the following conditions:

TERMS. The initial terms of this lease shall be ____________ beginning ______________ and ending noon ______________.

RENT. Rent is payable monthly, in advance, at a rate of ________ dollars ($_____) per month, during the term of this agreement on the first day of each month at P.O. BOX 5931 BRYAN, TX. 77805-5931. Should resident move in any time other than on the first day of the month rent will be pro-rated at a rate of one thirtieth the monthly rate per day for the partial first month. Resident agrees to pay $________ for each dishonored check. Resident also agrees to pay a late fee of $5.00 per day for rent received after the ________ day of the month.

EVICTION. If rent called for in previous paragraph has not been received by the fifteenth (15th) of the month, then management shall immediately and automatically have the right to take out a Dispossessory Warrant and have resident, his family, and possessions evicted from the premises.

RENT INCREASES / CONTRACT CHANGES. No rent increases or lease contract changes are allowed before the Residential Lease Agreement term ends, except for changes allowed by a written addendum or amendment signed by both management and resident.

POSSESSION. If there is a delay in delivery of possession by management, rent shall be abated on a daily basis until possession is granted. If possession is not granted within seven (7) days after the beginning day of initial term, then resident may void this agreement and receive a full refund of security deposit. Management shall not be liable for damages due to delay in possession.

SECURITY DEPOSIT. Management acknowledges receipt of _________ dollars ($_____) as a deposit to indemnify owner against damage to property. Any deposit for pets is additional and will be listed on a separate Pet Agreement form. Security deposit will be returned to resident no later than thirty (30) days after residence is evacuated if:

  • Lease term has expired or agreement has been terminated by both parties.
  • All monies due management by resident have been paid.
  • Residence is not damaged and is left in its original condition, normal wear expected.
  • Keys have been returned to management.
  • Forwarding address has been received by management.

Deposit will not be returned if resident leaves before lease term has expired. Deposit may be applied by management to satisfy all or part of resident’s obligations and such shall not prevent management from claiming damages in excess of the deposit. Resident may not apply the deposit to any portion of rent payment.

RESIDENT RIGHTS. Management must provide to resident the following at no cost when occupancy begins:

  • A window latch on each window.
  • A door viewer (peephole) on each exterior door.
  • A pin lock or security bar on each sliding glass door.
  • A keyless bolting device on each exterior door.
  • A keyed doorknob lock or keyed deadbolt lock on each exterior door.

Keyed locks will be changed between each resident. Resident can request additional locks be installed by management but is responsible for the cost. RESIDENT IS NOT ALLOWED TO ADD OR CHANGE LOCKS TO ANY DOORS.

RENEWAL TERMS. This lease is valid for a period of ________ months. Should this lease be breached by resident, both the last months rent and security deposit shall be forfeited as liquidated damages and resident will owe rent through last day of occupancy. A new Residential Lease Agreement must be signed and agreed upon by both parties as each contract expires. Management will send a new contract approximately six (6) weeks prior to termination of current contract for resident’s review. If no new lease is filed, then resident is automatically on a month to month lease until a new contract is signed.

EARLY TERMINATION. Resident may terminate this agreement before expiration of the original term under the following conditions:

  • Giving management at least one months written notice to be effective only on the last day of the month.
  • Paying all monies due through the date of termination.
  • Paying an amount equal to one months rent.
  • Returning residence in a clean, ready to rent condition.
  • Forfeiting security deposit.
  • Paying an amount equal to one months advertising to rent property (not to exceed $75.00).

SUBLETTING. Resident may not sublet residence or assign this lease without written consent of management.

CREDIT APPLICATION. Management having received and reviewed the credit application filled out by resident, and having relied upon the information given by resident to be true and correct, has agreed to enter into this rental agreement with resident. Both parties agree that the credit application is hereby made part of this rental agreement. Resident agrees that if he has falsified any information on the credit application, management has the right to keep all security deposits and any pre-paid rent as liquidated damages. Resident further agrees that if management exercises their right to terminate this agreement for violating the credit application policy that resident will remove himself, his family, and possessions from the premises within twenty-four hours of notification by management of the termination of this lease. Resident also agrees to indemnify management for any damages to the property of management including but not limited to the cost of making residence suitable for renting to another resident, and waives any right of “set-off” for the security deposit and pre-paid rent which was forfeited as liquidated damages.

FIRE AND CASUALTY. If residence becomes uninhabitable by reason of fire, explosion, or by other casualty, management may, at its option, terminate the rental agreement or repair damages within thirty (30) days. If management does not do repairs within this time frame or if building is fully destroyed, the rental agreement hereby created is terminated. If management elects to repair damages, rent shall be abated and prorated from date of casualty to date of reoccupancy, providing that during repairs resident has vacated and removed possessions as required by management. The date of reoccupancy shall be the date of notice that the residence is ready for occupancy. Management will not be liable to any resident, guest, or occupant for personal injury, damage, or loss of personal property from fire, smoke, rain, flood, water leaks, hail, ice, snow, lightning, wind, explosions, or any other casualty unless caused by management’s negligence. Management has no obligation to remove any ice, sleet, or snow but may remove any amount with or without notice. Unless resident is instructed otherwise, resident must take the following precautions during freezing weather:

  • Cover any exposed pipes or external faucets.
  • Keep residence heated to at least fifty (50) degrees.
  • Drip hot and cold water faucets.

Resident will be responsible for damages incurred if the above precautions are not taken.

PROPERTY LOSS. Management shall not be liable for damage to resident’s property for any reason except damage resulting from management’s negligence. Resident acknowledges that he is aware that he is responsible for obtaining any desired insurance for fire, theft, liability, etc., on personal possessions, family, and guests.

RIGHT OF ACCESS. Management shall have the right of access to residence for inspection and repair or maintenance during reasonable hours. Management may enter at any time in case of emergency, to protect life, and/or prevent damage to the property.

USE. Resident shall be used for residential purposes only and shall be occupied only by the persons named in resident’s application to lease. No guest may stay longer than ten (10) consecutive days and no longer than fifteen (15) days in any given month without written notification to management. The presence of an individual residing on the premises who is not listed on the Residential Lease Agreement will be sufficient grounds for termination of this agreement. Residence shall be used so as to comply with all state, county, and municipal laws and ordinances. Resident may not engage in the following prohibited activities:

  • Loud or obnoxious conduct.
  • Possession, selling, or manufacturing illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia.
  • Engaging in or threatening violence.
  • Possession of a weapon prohibited by law.
  • Discharging a firearm.
  • Operating a business or childcare service.
  • Use of candles as primary or secondary lighting.
  • Use of kerosene lamps or heaters.
  • Any action that interferes with other residents quiet enjoyment of their residence.

REPAIRS. Management will make necessary repairs to the exterior and interior with reasonable promptness after receipt of written notice from resident. Resident shall maintain premises in a safe, clean, and sanitary condition. Resident may not remodel, paint, wallpaper, or structurally change, nor remove any fixture therefrom without written approval from management. Management may change or install utility lines or equipment serving the residence if the work done does not significantly increase the resident’s utility bill. Management may turn off equipment and interrupt utilities as needed to avoid property damage or to perform work. If air conditioning or other equipment malfunctions, resident must notify management as soon as possible during normal business hours. Management will act with customary diligence to make repairs and reconnections, taking into consideration any insurance requirements and direction. Rent will not be abated in whole or part.

REIMBURSEMENT. Resident must promptly reimburse management for loss, damage, or cost of repairs or service caused by resident or their guests improper use or negligence. These repairs include but are not limited to repairs, replacement costs, and damage to doors, windows, and screens. Also damage from doors or windows being left open or damage from wastewater stoppages caused by improper objects in lines serving the residence. Management may, at its discretion, require advance payment for repairs caused by the negligence of the resident or their guests.

SMOKE DETECTORS. Smoke detectors are furnished as required by law. Resident is responsible for maintaining and periodically testing smoke detectors. If resident damages or disconnects smoke detectors, he may be liable to management under section 92.2611 of the property code for one hundred dollars ($100.00) plus one months rent, actual damages, and any legal fees. Resident will be held responsible to management and others for any loss or damage from fire, smoke, or water resulting from residents abuse, negligence, or failure to maintain smoke detectors.

PETS. Animals of any kind shall not be permitted inside the residence or in fenced yard at any time unless the prior written approval of management has been obtained, except for support animals of disabled persons. Any resident that wishes to own a pet at/in residence must fill out a Pet Agreement form and pay the required pet deposit prior to possession of pet on premises. Violation of the pet restriction will result in termination of lease agreement.

  • Pet Agreement attached? YES / NO

INDEMNIFICATION. Resident releases management from liability for and agrees to indemnify management against loss incurred by management as a result of residents failure to fulfill any condition of this agreement, any damage or injury happening in or about residence or premises to residents invitees or licensees or such persons property, residents failure to comply with any requirements imposed by any governmental authority, and any judgment, lien, or other encumbrance filed against residence as a result of residents action.

FAILURE OF MANAGEMENT TO ACT. Failure of management to insist upon compliance with the terms of this agreement in part or full shall not constitute a waiver of any violation.

REMEDIES CUMULATIVE. All remedies under this agreement or by law or equity shall be cumulative. If a suit for any breach of this agreement establishes a breach by resident, resident shall pay to management all expenses incurred in connection therewith.

NOTICES. Any notices required by this agreement shall be in writing and delivered to P.O. BOX 5931 BRYAN, TX. 77805-5931.

MOVE OUT NOTICE. Notice must be delivered to management at least thirty (30) days before expiration of this agreement. Resident is prohibited by law from applying any security deposit to rent. Resident must thoroughly clean residence prior to move out including appliances, doors, windows, bathrooms, kitchens, carpets, patios, and storage rooms. Failure to return residence to its original condition (normal wear expected) will result in a charge against resident. Resident must also submit a forwarding address to management along with keys to unit by move out date. RESIDENT AGREES TO ALLOW MANAGEMENT TO SHOW RESIDENCE TO APPLICANTS DURING THE THIRTY DAYS PRIOR TO MOVE OUT.

ABANDONMENT. If resident removes or attempts to remove property from the premises other than in the usual course of continuing occupancy, without first having paid management all monies due, residence may be considered abandoned and management shall have the right without notice to store or dispose of any property left on premises. Management shall also have the right to store or dispose of any of resident’s property remaining on premises after the termination of this agreement. Any such property shall be considered management’s property and title thereto shall vest in management. Resident agrees to pay any charges incurred to remove any property left on premises.

MORTGAGEES RIGHTS. Residents rights under this lease shall at all times be automatically junior and subject to any deed to secure debt which is now or shall hereafter be placed on premises of which residence is part; if requested. Resident shall execute promptly any certificate that management may request to specifically implement the subordination of this paragraph.

RULES AND REGULATIONS. The following are to be adhered to at all times. Any alteration requires written authorization from management:

  • SIGNS: Resident shall not display any signs, exterior lights or markings.
  • LOCKS: Resident is prohibited from adding locks, changing, or in any way altering locks installed on doors. All keys must be returned to management upon termination of occupancy.
  • OUTSIDE OBSTRUCTIONS: Entrances, walkways, lawns, and parking areas shall not be obstructed or used for any purpose other than ingress or egress.
  • AERIALS: Radio or television aerials shall not be placed or erected on the roof or exterior.
  • UTILITIES: All utilities are the responsibility of resident including water, cable TV, electricity, and garbage pick-up unless otherwise noted.
  • LAWN CARE: Lawn care is the responsibility of ___Management ___Resident. Watering and daily care is the responsibility of resident.
  • PARKING: Non-operative vehicles are not permitted on premises. Any such vehicle may be removed by Management at residents expense. Resident shall have no right of recourse against management therefor. No vehicle may be parked in a fire lane or designated no parking area. No vehicle shall be parked on the grass, sidewalk, or patio.
  • STORAGE: No goods or materials of any kind which are combustible or would increase fire risk shall be placed in a storage area or the residence itself.
  • WALLS: No nails, screws, or adhesive hangers except standard picture hooks, shade brackets, and curtain rod brackets may be placed in walls, woodwork, or any part of residence.
  • GUESTS: Resident shall be responsible and liable for the conduct of his guests. Acts of guest in violation of this agreement may be deemed by management to be a breach by resident.
  • NOISE: All radios, TVs etc. must be kept at a level of sound that does not interfere with neighbors.

Management reserves the right at any time and from time to time to prescribe such additional rules and make such changes to the rules and regulations set forth and referred to above, as management shall in its judgment, determine to be necessary for the preservation of order or for the comfort or benefits of residents generally.

DISCLOSURE RIGHTS. Management may provide information requested concerning resident or residents rental history for law enforcement, governmental, or business purposes.

SPECIAL PROVISIONS. ______________________________________________________

ENTIRE AGREEMENT. This agreement and any attachments constitute the entire agreement between the parties and no oral statements shall be binding. It is the intention of the parties herein that if any part of this rental agreement is invalid, for any reason, such invalidity shall not void the remainder of the rental agreement.

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