Pet Agreement

** This is ONLY a copy of the Pet Agreement. No photocopies will be accepted. **
You will recieve an original signed copy at time of leasing.

(This is a binding legal document - read before signing)

This addendum and the lease agreement attached constitute the entire legally binding agreement for the property located at __________________ between R.A. INVESTMENT PROPERTIES (Management) and _____________________ (Resident).

CONDITIONAL AUTHORIZATION FOR PET. Resident may keep the pet described below at the above property address until the lease contract expires. Management may terminate this authorization sooner if residents right to occupancy is lawfully terminated or if resident and pet, guests, or occupant violate any rules in this agreement.

  • NAME: ________________________
  • TYPE (DOG, CAT): ______________
  • BREED: _______________________
  • COLOR: _______________________
  • WEIGHT: ______________________
  • NAME: ________________________
  • TYPE (DOG, CAT): ______________
  • BREED: _______________________
  • COLOR: _______________________
  • WEIGHT: ______________________

ADDITIONAL SECURITY DEPOSIT. The total security deposit will be increased by three hundred dollars ($300.00). Management considers this additional deposit to be a general security deposit for all purposes. The additional deposit shall be non-refundable and will be used for cleaning, deodorizing, defleaing, and replacement as deemed necessary by management. The entire three hundred dollars ($300.00) is forfeited, even if the pet has been removed.

LIABILITY NOT LIMITTED. The additional security deposit under this pet agreement does not limit residents’ liability for damages, cleaning, deodorizing, defleaing, replacement, or personal injuries.

PET RULES. Resident must adhere to all pet rules. It is residents responsibility to insure that any guests or occupants know and follow all rules as well.

  • Pet must not disturb neighbors or other residents, regardless of whether pet is inside or outside of dwelling.
  • Dogs, cats, and guide animals must be housebroken to be inside at any time. All other pets must be caged.
  • No pet offspring are allowed.
  • Inside, the pet may not urinate or defecate in any areas.
  • Outside, the pet may urinate or defecate only in these designated areas:____________.
  • Pet must be fed and watered outside only.
  • Pet must be kept on leash and under residents supervision at all times when outside private fenced area.
  • Resident must stay current on shots and vaccinations. Resident is responsible for following all local ordinances regarding pet.

Management has the right to add, delete, or modify these rules as management shall in its judgment, determine to be necessary for the preservation of order or for the comfort or benefits of residents generally.

GENERAL. Resident acknowledges that no other oral or written agreement exists regarding pets. This pet agreement and the pet rules are considered part of the Residential Lease Agreement.

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